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The dogs listed here are desperately in need of good homes. They are all third party  adoptions. This is a service that CBR Relief & Rescue offers to dogs other than those in our care who are in need of homes. While we generally do not take in dogs surrendered by private parties, we do what we can to assist in the placement of the animals. We do, however, strongly encourage people to explore every possible alternative to surrendering their pets. Please research and clarify any concerns, costs, or anything else that may arise as a problem PRIOR to acquisition of a particular dog. We suggest you do this with all types of rescues/adoptions or purchases from breeders. 

If you are interested in adopting one of the following dogs, please directly email or telephone the person listed as the contact for the dog you are interested in. CBR Relief & Rescue does not guarantee placements. CBR Relief & Rescue volunteers have not evaluated these dogs and are not responsible for the behavior, actions, or quality of the owner-listed dogs here.

The listings have been divided into 2 categories.  Owner Placements and Shelter Dogs.

Click on the dog's ID for detailed information and picture (if available).

Shelter Dogs

ID Name Location Age Sex Pic Posted
16649 Brody Sudbury, MA 8 male 4/26/2017
16452 Toby Avondale, PA 4 male 12/27/2016
16447 Otis Queenstown, MD 10 male 12/27/2016
16384 Henry Fort Myers, FL, FL 4.5 male 11/20/2016

Owner Placements

ID Name Location Age Sex Pic Posted
16648 Mia Stapleton , NE 4.5 female   4/20/2017
16644 Nova Columbus, IN 1 female   4/5/2017
16643 Bodie Berkeley, CA 7 male   4/3/2017
16637 Buster Antioch, CA 5 male   3/29/2017
16636 Bay Lee Norfolk, VA 7 female 3/27/2017
16635 Lucy Hamden, CT 11 female 3/24/2017
16634 Bear Round Rock, TX 10 male   3/11/2017
16628 Max Atlanta, GA 6 male 2/25/2017
16627 Bentley The Villages, FL 1.5 male   2/24/2017
16580 Tucker Oregon, OR 2 male 2/2/2017
16540 Lola Folsom, CA 4.5 female 1/16/2017
16537 Dave Severn, MD 1 male   1/14/2017
16534 Sadie Spartanburg, SC 3.5 female 1/12/2017
16491 Tuvok Duluth, MN <1 male 1/2/2017
16423 Chessie Greenville, VA 8 female   12/17/2016
16388 Colton Riverview , FL 2.5 male 12/2/2016
16376 Dakota Centennial , CO 2.5 female 10/20/2016
16375 Woodrow Brown troutman, NC 8 male 10/19/2016
6740 Yogu virginia beach, VA 8 male   6/5/2016
6635 Sydney Virginia Beach , VA 4 female 3/7/2016
6109 Maggie Leah Cumberland, MD 2 female 2/3/2015