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DOGID: 16643
Name: Bodie
Location: Berkeley, CA
Age: 7
Color: Brown
Sex: male
Weight: 80lbs
Neutered? yes
Vaccines: rabies, DHLPP, kennel cough, Heartworm preventative, Flea pill, dewormed
Heartworm Negative? Yes
Health Conditions: None. Very healthy dog.
Housetrained? yes
Dog surrendered to Rescue because: Too much to handle
Other Reason: Bodie is a fully certified Type I trailing search and rescue dog. Due to family changes I have to retire myself, and Bodie from his work as a search dog. He currently is not getting enough attention and activity and has become frustrated. Bodie needs an active partner to spend his days with.
Good With: other dogs
Dog Likes: water, retrieving, car rides;
Working Ability: excellent
Working Comments: Bodie is well trained and extremely trainable. Treat motivated, fast learner, very eager to please.
Behavioral Problems:
Other Behavioral Problems: Bodie is not comfortable around small children or being tied out in a public place.
Bitten? No
Bite Explanation:
Commands known: Sit, Stay, Down, Come, Heel, Bathroom
Tricks: Many commands and sent specific abilities.
Other Info: Bodie is a GREAT dog. I will only release him to someone that I believe will be able to give him the home he needs and deserves. He is a chessie through and through and needs someone who understands the breed. He is a soft dog in terms of his need for positive reinforced training methods. He is loyal and will do anything to please his owner. He loves and is game for any adventure.
Contact: Karl
Phone: 510-812-2178
Date Posted: 4/3/2017

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