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DOGID: 16680
Name: Deacon
Location: Katy, TX
Age: 8
Color: Brown
Sex: male
Weight: 75
Neutered? yes
Vaccines: rabies, DHLPP, kennel cough, Heartworm preventative, Flea pill
Heartworm Negative? Yes
Health Conditions:
Housetrained? yes
Dog surrendered to Rescue because: Too much to handle
Other Reason:
Good With:
Dog Likes: water, retrieving, hunting, car rides;
Working Ability: excellent
Working Comments:
Behavioral Problems: excessive barking
Other Behavioral Problems:
Bitten? No
Bite Explanation:
Commands known: Sit, Down, Heel, Bathroom
Other Info: Deacon has been a great hunting dog and a great family dog with him being the only dog. As a puppy, he spent about 9 months in retriever training in North Texas. He is a great dove and waterfowl dog. He know whistle commands and can blind retrieve pretty well. He will need some tuning up if you wanted him to go on a serious hunt though as I haven't had as much time lately to keep his routine up.
Contact: Mitch Perry
Phone: 2817321941
Date Posted: 6/19/2017

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