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DOGID: 16820
Name: fiona
Location: West Seneca, NY
Age: 9
Color: Brown
Sex: female
Weight: 100
Neutered? yes
Vaccines: rabies, Flea pill
Heartworm Negative? Yes
Health Conditions: occasional allergy flares up and needs a medication
Housetrained? yes
Dog surrendered to Rescue because: Too much to handle
Other Reason:
Good With:
Dog Likes: water, car rides;
Working Ability: poor
Working Comments: dislikes guns and fireworks
Behavioral Problems: jumps fences, digging, chasing/nipping, excessive barking, separation anxiety
Other Behavioral Problems: barking excessive when locked outside. anxiety is only for family on vacation okay with daily leaving. chasing creatures outside
Bitten? No
Bite Explanation:
Commands known: Sit
Tricks: paw/shake
Other Info: My name is Fiona and I am a good girl. I am a pure Chesapeake Bay Retriever. Not to be confused for a Labrador. I LOVE to swim so if you adopt me I require a pool or walking with water access. I am about 9 years old but the doctors say I have plenty of years left in me. I have some fatty lumps and old joints so I get sore after long hikes. I have an allergy of some sort and I get a sore in between my toe because of it, but I take a pill buried in my food to treat it. The pill makes me have to pee a lot every 2 hrs I should go out or I have an accident. If Iím not on the pill Iím good for 9 hrs. I do not like other dogís especially little white ones. I love to chase squirrels, deer, and cats. I HAVE SO MUCH ENERGY even for how old I am. Iíve had my teeth cleaned and a tooth pulled in May 2017, the broken canine has been around for years and has caused no problems. I donít like being tied up outside I start to dig holes. I will drag if you are not paying attention when we walk and I see something to chase. I HATE fireworks /thunder so please give me something to keep me calm. I pant all the time. I love to make snow angels in the winter. I do not like being pet or touched on my sides only my head. I do not like the doctors or when they cut my nails. I am pretty good with baths I donít fight to get away. I can have my nails cut at home but I require the cone of shame and to be tied tight so I donít fight so much to get away. My paws are just sensitive because Iíve severely cut all of them at different times that required stitches. I liked to be brushed every few days and I LOVE to be towel dried. I know how to sit and shake. I am pretty good off leash in a secluded area without other dogs and I will come back eventually. Being in a neighborhood I want to sniff everything and will not listen. If I refuse to eat Iím being rebellious and want to go on a walk. I would love a huge enclosed backyard. I lived with a French Bulldog and we mostly just tolerated each other. We only fought over toys and food. I am a stubborn breed and I hope you read up on me before adopting. I loved my family and they loved me but they couldnít give me the accommodations I needed to be really happy. I hope you have the patients to love me and care for me. I eat Purina One rice and lamb, or chicken and rice along with a little bit of wet food mixed in. I only like the Original Flavored Milk Bones as treats. I ate a lot of human leftovers so I will beg at the table by staring in to your soul till you give me something. I have a favorite blanket that needs to come with me. I like to chew on Nyla-bones. I love rolling in the smelliest dead thing I can find. I wonít cry or bark if I get locked in a room or run away and get tangled up. I am very prone to UTIs. I get one about once a year. I am also very protective of my family and do not like strangers entering first without my human entering the house first. When Iím with my family I lay around and chew on my toy bones. I only bark at strange noises when im inside. But I will bark constantly outside if I see things like dogs or cats. I am okay with other big dogs sometimes usually males. Other females intimidate me.
Contact: Jessica Gerace
Phone: 7169097084
Date Posted: 4/9/2018

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