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DOGID: 16726
Shelter DOGID:
Name: Maggie
Location: Minneapolis, MN
Age: 1
Color: Brown
Sex: female
Weight: 65
Neutered? yes
Vaccines: rabies, DHLPP, Flea pill, dewormed
Heartworm Negative? Unknown
Health Conditions:
Housetrained? yes
Dog surrendered to Rescue because: Other
Other Reason: Puppy became too much and owners were abusing her.
Good With: other dogs, cats
Dog Likes: retrieving, car rides;
Working Ability: unknown
Working Comments: She loves to trail, but does not know what to do with that nose. Loves to retrieve.
Behavioral Problems: chewing furniture/other items, other problems
Other Behavioral Problems: Plays very hard and lunges. Pulls on leash. Liked to chase cats. Now ignores our cats
Bitten? No
Bite Explanation:
Commands known: Sit, Down, Come, Bathroom
Tricks: Loves to bring you balls and shoes. Does not eat the shoes. Prefers left ones.
Other Info: Dog taken as foster at 9 months. Owner had kept confined to kennel or tie out. Broke out enough they stopped looking for her. Came with long-standing, undiagnosed bladder infection and developed fear of kennels because of it. Have fostered for five months. Kennels nicely now. Some leash training and use of a bark collar. Previous owner used bark collar haphazardly. She has graduated to voice command for quiet and only whines in kennel now. Super sweet and wants to please! She is still a puppy and plays harder than the fat, old Weim she lives with can take. Plays well with the Dane. We have no back yard for her to run it off in. She was very dog focused when she came and had strange phobias that seemed related to not trusting humans. She's doing very well now and is a happy girl. Still super energetic and needs an experienced home that is capable to continuing training. Loves to fetch and we believe would do very well with hunting. I wouldn't recommend a home with small children. She will mow them over.
Shelter Name:
Shelter Contact: Laura
Shelter Phone: 612-716-2451
Shelter Email:
Date Posted: 8/31/2017

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