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DOGID: 17105
Shelter DOGID: Cisco Catfish
Name: Cisco Catfish
Location: Mission, KS
Age: 1
Color: Sedge
Sex: male
Weight: 65 lbs
Neutered? yes
Vaccines: rabies, DHLPP, kennel cough, Heartworm preventative, Flea pill, dewormed
Heartworm Negative? Yes
Health Conditions:
Housetrained? yes
Dog surrendered to Rescue because: Abandoned/stray
Other Reason: Cisco was picked up as a stray and taken to a high kill shelter. He was pulled by a no kill rescue and placed in foster care with me after a few months and decompensating in the shelter environment.
Good With:
Dog Likes: retrieving;
Working Ability: excellent
Working Comments: Cisco and I attend training every other week, and he's described as brilliant, highly driven, and highly energetic. As enrichment, I've purchased several puzzles. He's solved every puzzle in a matter of minutes. He would greatly benefit from more intense training. I believe he could be taught to hunt, swim, and retrieve. When he first came to me, he flinched and cowered when I would pick up toys for him, and now he has many favorite toys. His very favorite is a stuffed teddy bear that will go with him to his forever home.
Behavioral Problems: excessive barking, dominance over humans, separation anxiety, other problems
Other Behavioral Problems: Cisco is dog reactive and very protective of his foster mom toward strangers. He seems to panic and barks aggressively when cars pass while on walks - the bigger (work trucks) they are, the more he reacts. He has been able to interact with my 4 month old female puppy on a VERY limited basis, but he is still requiring crating and rotating 3 months after coming to foster. Due to my own mistake on my first day with him, he attacked my lab. He has shown significant progress, though. He required crating in his own bedroom for many weeks, and now he's able to be crated with my pack without reacting constantly or pacing when it's his turn to rotate outside of the crate.
Bitten? No
Bite Explanation: No, however, he does engage in mouthing behaviors that would make him inappropriate for small children. This has decreased from daily to about once a week, and it is always him trying to play in a dominant way. He's easily redirected now.
Commands known: Sit, Stay, Down, Come, Heel
Tricks: Cisco is able to do a long down with many distractions including me being out of sight. He knows shake and can literally solve any puzzle I put in front of him.
Other Info: Cisco is not perfect, but he's amazing. He's loyal, loving, and affectionate with me. I believe he will make someone who will continue working with him the most amazing dog. He's very eager to please, has a perfect soft mouth, and is so driven. He's highly energetic, but he is also totally willing to lay down and watch a movie with you as long as he's properly exercised. He's crate trained and loves Kongs. I believe he can continue to improve with other dogs, but I would not feel comfortable with him going to someone with other dogs who is not experienced with extremely slow intros. Like, if you feel like you're going too slow, slow down intros.
Shelter Name: Unleashed Pet Rescue and Adoption
Shelter Contact: He's in foster, so an application can be submitted and a hold placed in order to meet him
Shelter Phone: (913)-831-PETS
Shelter Email:
Date Posted: 7/10/2018

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