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Give a Donation

Chesapeake Bay Retriever Relief & Rescue, like other non-profit organizations, operates from funds donated by folks willing to support the efforts of rescuers across the country.

If you'd like to support our rescue efforts or just show your appreciation of a wonderful breed, as always donations are certainly welcome. Make checks or money orders payable to Chesapeake Bay Retriever Relief & Rescue and send to:

Chesapeake Bay Retriever Relief & Rescue, Inc.
c/o Carolyn Baughman, Treasurer
PO Box 2187
Poquoson , VA 23662

Or, you can make a donation via Paypal using the 'donate' button below:

And, your donations are tax deductible. Thank you.

Matching Gifts

Many companies have matching gift programs designed to support the charities that their employees support. Companies that participate in matching gift programs usually require donors to submit forms to initiate the match. These forms can usually be found in a company's human resources department. The company may also require proof that we are a not-for-profit organization. CBRR&R would be happy to provide the necessary information that your company may require before making matching contributions. To see if you company matches charitable contributions, contact your benefits office or your human resource department.

Most companies will require that CBRR&R fill out some form of paperwork. Please send these requests to:

c/o Carolyn Baughman, Treasurer
PO Box 2187
Poquoson, VA 23662

United Way

It is also possible to designate that your United Way contributions go to CBRR&R. When an individual contributes to the United Way thru their company they can select the charity (CBRR&R Inc.) they want the donation to go to. The local United Way checks with the IRS and some times the state to verify we are a legit Not-for-Profit charity. Many companies will match this donation.