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Available Rescue Dogs

The dogs listed below are desperately in need of good homes. They are all rescues. Also, all dogs listed here have been (or will be shortly) spayed or neutered. A dog placed by a rescue organization has been rescued from a shelter, directly from its former home or found as a stray.

For advantages and disadvantages of adopting rescue dogs and owner placements, see The Difference Between Rescues and Adoption Options.

If you are interested in adopting one of the following dogs, contact the person or shelter in the listing directly. If the dog is in foster care with a CBRRR volunteer, you will be asked to fill out our online form . If you do not see the perfect dog right now, but want to be listed in our available homes list, go ahead and fill out our online form.

Click on the dog's ID for detailed information and picture (if available).

ID Name Location Age Sex


3151 Nala (chessie/pit mix) Adoption pending San Diego, CA 2 female

3150 Mazy  , CA 7.5 female

3149 Red   , CA 10 male

3147 Tucker ADOPTION PENDING Bellevue, NE <1 male

3146 Skye - Adoption Pending   Arvada, CO <1 female

3145 Jessi (adoption pending)  Placerville, CA 6 female

3144 Baron (Chessie Mix) https://youtu.be/BxHxi8cSX80 San Diego, CA 4 male

3143 Isabella (Chessie Mix)  San Diego, CA 4 female

3140 Lucy ADOPTION PENDING Omaha, NE 8 female

3139 Annie ADOPTION PENDING Bellevue, NE 4 female

3137 Koda  Keller , TX 6 male

3132 Patton  San Diego, CA 4 male

3130 Buster (Adoption Pending) Prescott, AZ 11 male

3124 Dax   Clearwater, KS 1.5 male

3112 Pumba/Chevy   Apopka, FL 2 male

3109 Dakota  San Jose, CA 9 male

3040 Keeroo   CBR/GSD Seattle , WA <1 female

2990 Basil (Chocolate Lab Mix) El Paso, TX 2 female

2976 Odis (Adoption Pending)  San Diego, CA 8 male

2948 Sayvil (Seville?)  Albuquerque, NM 10 female

2918 Houdini (Adoption Pending)  Rossmoor, CA 4.5 male

2912 Bonnie & Clyde  Las Vegas, NV 6 male

2877 Doc James (Adoption Pending)  Benicia , CA 4 male

2858 Jack (IL)  Steward, IL 2 male

2813 Gunner  Steward, IL 5 male

2543 Molly  Mayville, MI 5.5 female

2441 Skylar  Steward, IL 3 male

2372 Madeline  Glen Ellyn, IL 8 female

2227 Early  Burr Ridge, IL 1.5 male

2221 Boone  Steward, IL 5 male

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