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CBR Relief & Rescue Chessie Store

Amazon Bookstore

In association with Amazon.com, we have created a bookstore so that we may recommend and help you purchase quality books on CBRs, rescue dogs, training, nutrition, and running a rescue program. A portion of your purchases will help us in our rescue efforts.  Click here to start shopping!

  Register with IGive

Your shopping at hundreds of online stores helps a cause close to your heart with each purchase! Click here to register!

  Register with Food Lion

Your shopping at FoodLion can benefit CBRRR. Signing up is easy. Visit www.foodlion.com and you will find a link labeled "Fundraising". A few simple steps will connection your MVP card to your charitable group. After that, just shop and save with your MVP card at your local Food Lion, and a portion of each sale will go towards CBRR&R. The more you shop, the more chessies will benefit.

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