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CBR Rescue Document Library

Below is a listing of Documents for use by CBR Rescue Members. Several of the applications have been replaced with electronic copies available to the Public through the website. These are provided here if there are issues with users making use of these electronic documents or are documents that do not have an electronic version. It is strongly recommended to make use of the electronic copies for Adoption, Foster, Surrender, and Volunteer Applications as they are the latest and provide CBR Rescue a direct copy of these forms for our records.

Adoption Documents

Adoption Checklist

Adoption Application

Adoption Contract

Foster Care Documents

Foster Volunteer Application

Foster Release Agreement

Release Documents

Gift and Relinquishment of Rights

Foster Release Agreement

Presented below are the official CBRRR documents for download.

Adoption Documents:
Adopters Checklist

Adopter Checklist.pdf

Adoption Application

Adoption Application.pdf

Adoption Contract

Adoption Contract.pdf

Foster Care Documents:
Foster Release Agreement

Foster Release Agreement.pdf

Foster Volunteer Application

Foster Volunteer Application.pdf

Release Forms:
Gift and Relinquishment of Rights

Gift & Relinquish Release.pdf

Shelter Release Form

Shelter Release.pdf

Dog Gift Information Sheet


Medical Release

Medical Release Form.pdf

Owner Return Form and Policy Statement

Owner Return Form.pdf

Visitation Release Agreement

Visitation Release Indemnity.pdf

Foster Release


Foster Release Agreement.pdf

Home Visit Documents:
Home Visit Letter of Instruction

Home Visit Letter of Instruction.pdf

Home Visit Guidelines

Home Visit Guidelines.pdf

Home Visit Report

Home Visit Report.pdf

Home Visit Discussion Topics and Questions

Home VisitTopics.pdf

Shelter Dog Evaluation Form

Shelter Evaluation.pdf

Dog Gift Information Sheet

Gift Information Sheet.pdf

Special thanks to Community Animal Programs and German Shepherd Rescue of New England, Inc., for permission to use contracts and forms.