How it works

Thank you for your interest in adopting a rescued Chesapeake Bay Retriever.

There are wonderful Chessies looking for new homes at any given time across the country. Rescued Chessies come in all ages, sizes & behavior traits, some taking much more effort and skill on the part of the adopter.  One thing they all have in common is a need for patients and love from a new forever family.

Our rescue is comprised wholly of hard-working volunteers whose only reward is seeing these wonderful Chessies in loving homes, given a second chance for a happy life. We try our best to match our rescue dogs with the perfect home. While we are dedicated to this goal, there is no guarantee we will have the perfect fit for every home.

We work to ensure families understand the responsibility of owning and caring for a rescued Chesapeake Bay Retriever including each dog’s specific needs.

Caution is used when placing CBRR&R dogs in homes with children under 7 years of age for reasons of safety, for the child and the dog. In most cases, a securely fenced yard or area is requested for the dog’s safety and protection.

We have a multi-step process outlined below:

We reserve the right to refuse an application if the home situation or environment is deemed incompatible with the needs of a rescued Chesapeake Bay Retriever.
Abigail Buttons Rescued in the Northwest Reigon


Please complete our online adoption application to be considered for a rescue chessie.

Submission of an application & fee is not a guarantee of getting a CBRR&R dog.

Application Fee

The application fee is non-refundable.  Like all fees we collect, the money is used to care for our Chessies & some minor operating expenses.

Submission of an application & fee is not a guarantee of getting a CBRR&R dog.

Home & Vet Check

When you are being considered for a dog, a volunteer will contact you.

We'll likely schedule a home visit & perform a veterinarian reference check.

How long does it take?

We’re an all volunteer organization. Most of our volunteers have full and part time jobs, volunteering in their off hours.

The home visit (either in-person or virtual) and vet checks are normally based on volunteer and dog availability and compatibility.


Our approval process helps guide us in finding the appropriate home for each dog.

If you’re a good match to adopt a particular CBRR&R dog, we will approve your application.

What to Expect

Your regional directors will consider your home and family as dogs come into rescue.

You may be contacted several times for dogs as we go through the selection process.

Our goal is to find the right match for each dog.


When you are finally matched and ready to adopt, the adoption will be completed by a volunteer.

We will present you with an Adoption Contract and the adoption fee will then be due at the same time.


CBRR&R volunteers have evaluated, fostered, & vetted each dog.

We want to help our dogs succeed in your home as his forever family.

Apply Now

To submit your application for consideration, create an account and fill out our online adoption application.  Keep checking our list of  adoptable dogs if you see one you think could be a good fit, feel free to reach out the volunteers for your state.
Don’t forget start by logging in to create an account.
Return Adopter? If you have previously adopted from us, already started or completed an application, and are logged in – just select the Adoption Application button and your previous application will open.