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Beau, our Senior “Pawlitive” Care

By April 25, 2023No Comments

Sweet Beau

Beau came from a shelter in Northern California after being found wandering down the highway on a hot summer day. Nobody came forward to claim him. Due to his senior age and an overfull shelter, he was in danger of being euthanized.

We were advised his tumor could shrink if he is neutered. The concern was whether this senior was healthy enough. The doctor would not advise treatment unless Beau would really benefit.

Beau’s fosters noticed a lesion on his tumor which occasionally bled. Fortunately, someone is home with him during the day can provide excellent care including sponging him daily to lessen the risk of infection.

“We wanted to give him the chance and agreed to help. He’s got a medical problem but otherwise is a wonderful and very loving dog”.

The board agreed, and Beau underwent surgery.

Beau’s foster family says, Beau has really come to life. He fits right into their family and loves exploring his new yard and hanging out with his new siblings.

Relief Mission over $4,200


A message from Beau’s Fosters:

Beau is wonderful. At his 30-day after surgery follow up, his medical team says Beau is great. His tumor has pretty much disappeared, you must look closely.

Beau is happy and active. His coat is now glossy. He gets hours of attention each day, at least when not sleeping.  He has a Chessie “smile” and when dinner is being prepared, he often lets out with a fine “Chessie Roo”.

Beau is a wonderful addition here. We all love him. He follows me everywhere.