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Buster’s Diaries: The True Story of a Dog and His Man
By Roy Hattersley
In 1996, Buster, a half-German Shepherd mutt, was attacked by a goose in a public park. He defended himself-much to the detriment of the goose-who, unfortunately, was owned by the Queen, and Buster was brought up on charges. Grossly misrepresented by the media, he became an instant celebrity. Eager to present his side of the story, he dictated his diaries to his Man, the lord who had adopted him a year earlier. The result is a delightfully funny, sometimes touching romp through Buster’s triumph over adversity, some dog psychology, the odd training rituals the Man performs, the pain of his puppyhood, and, ultimately, a dog’s joy at owning a human.
Nop’s Trials
by Donald McCaig
A story of a “lost” Border Collie in the tradition of Black Beauty. A good weekend read!
Nop’s Hope
by Donald McCaig
From Kirkus Reviews , March 15, 1994:
“This finely written sequel to McCaig’s popular Nop’s Trials (1984) follows Penny Burkeholder and her unique Border Collie, Nop’s offering, Hope. Fans of Nop will find him again, this time growing old with wisdom.”
I Am Puppy, Hear Me Yap: The Ages of Dog
by Valerie Shaff (Photographer), Roy Blount Jr.
It is full of wonderful photos and doggerel. 
Dog Miracles; Inspirational and Heroic True Stories
By Brad Steiger & Sherry Hansen Steiger
Dog Miracles is a collection of over 60 stories of ordinary canines who have proven themselves to be miraculous.  You’ll meet tiny purebreds who thwart muggers, powerfully keen dogs who save entire families from life-threatening fires, and tenacious travelers who return home, often roaming over hundreds of miles and perilous conditions.  There are also heart-wrenching stories of dogs who communicate – and connect – with their owners beyond the physical world.  These amazing stories will delight and inspire dog lovers everywhere.  Each of the extraordinary dogs truly demonstrates the meaning of love, as their devotion and good deeds illustrate the very real bond between dogs and people.