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Success Story

Beau’s Success Story

By March 11, 2019March 12th, 2019No Comments

Beau came into CBRR&R at 125 lbs. His situation was more relief than rescue, as his previous family’s schedule meant that he was home alone all day and they knew that he needed someone who could spend more time with him and play with him.  Tom and I became aware of his situation while talking to his foster mom at an annual CBRR&R picnic. We both have schedules that allow us to be in and out during the day and have lots of access to parks and water. We knew we could give Beau the time and attention he craved, so we drove up to Vermont to meet him. He had just turned 7 years old and could barely walk to the mailbox, but we loved his personality right away and adopted him on the spot.  Once home he was treated for Lyme’s disease, and with lots of short walks and moderate swimming, he shed 25 lbs pretty quickly.  His joint issues from being overweight for so long still held him back, so he had arthroscopic surgery to remove bone cartilage chips from both elbows.  He is now enjoying  life on the Eastern Shore, where he swims, plays with his soccer ball, tennis balls and toys,  gets car rides and walks every day, and is lavished with attention from Washington College students we encounter during our jaunts on campus and around town. Beau is the first male CBR we’ve had, and he makes us laugh at his goofiness and joy every day.