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Chessie in Need

Bennie Needs a Home

By January 21, 2021February 8th, 2021No Comments

Bennie is a 1 yr old chessie mix. He’s a typical teenager. He loves to explore his environment. He knows sit and is working on “ down”. He doesn’t really know his name , responds more to your voice.  He is house trained for the most part. I believe if he could use a dog door or be let out around 11pm he would not have an accident.  He knows how to use a dog door.  Since he was just neutered, I have kept him away from the pool. He seems very interested in the water.

Bennie plays rough like a typical puppy.  He has to be reminded to play nicely which he then does.  Plays w/ female labradoodle, ignores small dog in residence.     Learning leash manners, doing well using “Halti.”  Bennie enjoys toys, playtime and loving. He’s affectionate. Bennie is a beautiful dog. His coat is shiny and his eyes bright. Bennie could benefit from a routine, structure, training and continued socialization.   He definitely needs a strong leader to teach him basic commands. His foster mom taught him sit and wait.

I was teaching Bennie how to walk on a leash with the halti.  He did not mind the halti. He is very much still in the learning stage. Everything is new to him and he wants to explore.  He will try and dart out the door so always making sure you know where he is is important.  Once he settles down he slept next to my bed from 11-6 with no accidents. He did get stuck under the bed and with the cone on we had to work together to get him out.
He is not food aggressive
He plays nicely with toys but you need to watch your slippers and shoes.
He rides okay in the car. He wants you to lift him in but I’m sure he can be taught to go in on his own.
He does counter surf and is interested in the trash.

Bennie has a lot of energy. He needs a active family who can get him out hiking, running , swimming.
He will make a terrific addition to the right family!

Bennie is located in SAN DIEGO, CA.  Text (310) 344-1164, (919) 738-7805 and (760) 840-0790 and email [email protected] for more info.