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Brass Surgery Fundraiser

By March 18, 2022No Comments

We are asking for your help raising money for Brass’s surgery, please consider giving if you can to help this sweet boy.


Five-year-old Brass came to us to foster about mid-September 2021 and is now with his fabulous foster mom in Montana. Brass recently graduated from an obedience training course. His foster mom says Brass has become a fun, well-behaved, consistent boy. Brass has also done well on his diet, down to 103.5 lbs from 120 lbs.

Some of Brass’s favorite activities are watching the Skeleton in the Olympics, barking at the competitors with vigor, including wildly flapping ears. Brass has selected the nice bed in the guest room as his personal spot, loves to snuggle, and assists in the kitchen with dinner preparations. He is especially fond of tofu with Thai peanut sauce.

Brass’s foster mom noticed immediately that he had hind end muscle atrophy and Brass is in pain. Brass uses his front legs and shoulders to pull himself up from laying or sitting. Brass was seen by the veterinary specialist, who has determined that Brass has double bilateral CCL ruptures and will need TPLO surgery in both rear legs. Our surgical estimate is $7,602.

Brass Vet Ride