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Chelsea needs some help

By October 19, 2023November 3rd, 2023No Comments

Chelsea needs some help!


by Pam Gregg – MidAtlantic Volunteer Adoption Coordinator

CBRR&R needs help to cover medical bills for an injured puppy. Please consider a donation and share with others who may be able to help.

Chelsea Daisy is one of the 3 puppies CBRR&R rescued a few weeks ago from a county animal shelter in MD.  They were seized by Animal Control in a neglect case. All of the puppies came in unvaccinated and with ear, eye & skin infections. They had lived their previous short lives chained up outside. Chelsea also had a badly broken toenail (Ouch!).

We had some wonderful Mid-Atlantic fosters step up with very short notice to go pick up these babies and get them out of the over-crowded shelter. Chelsea is in a wonderful foster home.  They have been taking her back and forth for vet visits to get all her infections cleared and working on getting up to date on vaccines. Chelsea was just starting to experience the good life a puppy should have.

A few days ago she was playing in the backyard with the other 2 dogs in the home having a great time when all 3 dogs collided. Chelsea starting limping and yelping. Her fosters immediately got in the car and took Chelsea to the ER Vet.

Xrays showed she has a fractured right front leg and a possible chip fracture in her left front. The Vet says she must wear a splint and have her activity restricted for at least the next 4 weeks.  She needs to go in once a week to her regular vet to have the splint changed and reset.  And then in 4 weeks get xrays to see if she is all healed.  If so, wonderful.  If not, then a few more weeks of splinting. This is all going to add up to high vet bills. The rescue needs help with the costs. Can you please help us help Chelsea? ..She was just starting to get to act like a normal puppy. Now she gets to spend the next 4-6 weeks recovering from this freak accident.

Please consider helping if you can by Donating

Any amount raised over what is needed for Chelsea will be used for another chessie in need.