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Lila’s Medical Emergency & Rescue

By May 19, 2020No Comments

Lila’s Medial Emergency

Lila took a turn for the worse a few hours after intake on Friday night. She started bleeding, throwing up and having diarrhea. Our plans for Lila to fly to San Diego with our Pilots N Paws volunteer was quickly changed to her having emergency surgery at the 24-hour emergency Vista Veterinary Specialists in Sacramento.

Lila was rushed to Vista ER, prepped for surgery and after a $4758.81 surgical procedure it looks like this sweet girl will survive.

Lila’s surgeon said procedure went well despite never having seen anything like it before. Lila developed a vaginal prolapse that trapped the urethra and became infected & necrotic. The urethra was full of urine so once Lila’s surgeon placed the catheter, the size of the prolapse greatly reduced and she then went to work on the needed repairs & placing everything back where it belongs. Additionally, Lila’s insides were full of fox weed which had to be removed, all damaged tissue was cleaned, bladder was tacked back & stitched vulva to keep everything in place through the healing period. Lila was also spayed while in surgery.

We would like to thank the Veterinarians and staff & Vista Veterinary Specialists for the wonderful care you provided Lila.

Thank you to CBRR&R member Joe for initial intake, transport and watching over Lila while the emergency plan could be made.

Thank you so much to CBRR&R members Beverly & Josh (and Alumni Jack) for providing Lila with a wonderful foster home where she is now recovering and healing. So grateful you guys agreed to help!

Fostering (even short-term) is crucial to help rescue groups like ours be able to save dogs lives. Volunteers and foster families are a vital part of the equation. If you would like to sign up to be a foster you can apply here

Lila worsening prolapse

Donate today if you would like to help with Lila’s medical expenses.