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Chessie in Need

Prineville 5 Rescue

By February 18, 2020February 21st, 20202 Comments
Duel Close up

Heartbreaking and heartwarming:
CBRR&R helps chessies owned by cherished member of the Chesapeake Bay Retriever community

The Rescue Effort
Rescuers jumped into action to assist a cherished member of the Chesapeake Bay Retriever community at her time of need.  CBRR&R was contacted Friday, February 14, 2020 by a family member of a well known chessie owner in Oregon. Sadly, Juanita “Nita” Schaeffer was in hospice. Her family needed help placing 10 dogs, 5 of which were champion Chesapeake Bay Retriever show dogs.  In fact, there were 5 chessies, 5 dogs of other breeds, 4 cats and even chickens & pigeons that all needed immediate placement.

Within 24 hours six CBRR&R members and two local volunteers arrived at the home to evaluate and prepare the animals for transport.  CBRR&R, Three Rivers Humane Society and Brightside Animal Center all worked together to help Nita’s animals. Special thanks to the entire team including Karen Marcotte, Stephanie Waritz, Scott Moore & Jackson, Christina & Aaron Brewer, Kathy Donahue, Debbie Lair, Susan Gray, Jerilee Drynan. Jamie helped coordinate the Pet Evacuation Team (PET) volunteers and provided contacts for Brightside Animal Shelter. Special shout out to the CBRR&R members who are fostering, some of whom will likely adopt these dogs; Jackie Russell Patterson (friend of Nita’s), Joan Moore, Cathy and Craig Lazzeri, Kay & Pat Donahue, Magen & Dave Hunter.

Karen Marcotte went to Nita’s bedside. Karen let Nita know her animals were going to good homes and would be safe and loved. Nita passed within the hour. It was as if she couldn’t let go without knowing her animals would be okay.  Nita loved her dogs and wanted the best for them. Our condolences to her family. Nita clearly touched many lives, human and animal alike. May Nita rest in Peace. 

About Nita
Nita Schaeffer was a Trainer at B-Ver Chesapeakes.  She owned and trained Chesapeake Bay Retrievers for companionship, hunting, hunt test, obedience and conformation events. Juanita Schaeffer competed in the show circuit. She achieved great success with CH REDLION’S ROUGH SUEDE.  She was awarded best Puppy in Show at 7 months and was a Multiple Group Placer. Nita Schaeffer owned Labrador retrievers for years prior.  That is, until she met a co-worker’s Chesapeake, named Maggie. Nita did hunt tests and other similar things with her labs, but she loved Maggie, the Chessie, and decided to get her own Chesapeake Bay Retriever  – and not just one either. Over the years she had several, some of which she bred herself. She was extremely knowledgeable concerning the breed and it showed. Nita started showing her Chesapeake Bay Retrievers in the conformation ring and finished several of her Chessies over the years.  Sometimes she had a professional handler in the ring or sometimes she handled them herself. Perhaps, the last Chessie she finished was Quailridges LED Leathern Antik Lace “Tiki” at the American Chesapeake Clubs National Specialty in 2016.

Nita was always willing to volunteer at various Canine sporting events and generously donated trophies and other items for these events.  Nita loved her Chessies, but she also rescued many other breeds needing homes.  Nita had a very big heart, particularly when it came to the dogs. Nita never had unkind words for others including any of her competition. Her dogs gave her peace and she loved them dearly. 

Nita White Schaffer ACC National Specialty Show The Quails Inn Hotel, Lake San Marcos Resort, CA Friday, May 14, 2004 CH REDLION'S ROUGH SUEDE. SN 88678002. 12-20-01 Owner: Juanita E Schaeffer, Prineville, OR 97754. Breeder: Jane Pappler Nita and Grandbaby

How to Support Rescue Efforts Like This
Please consider donating to the Miche Carr Fund in memory of Juanita  ‘Nita’ Schaeffer to help us care for other Chesapeake Bay Retrievers that come in for similar circumstances. The Miche Carr Fund supports  foster dogs in rescue due to the loss or terminal illness of their owner.

Importance of making future plans for your Chessies
The best way to provide care for your chessie and make sure your wishes are fulfilled is by making formal arrangements. Work with an attorney to draw up a special will, living trust to provide for the care and ownership of your chessie during terminal illness or after you die. You can leave your dog (and maybe a donation) through a provision in your will or living trust to CBRR&R. If you do this, CBRR&R will become responsible for your dog and will receive outright any money you leave for a donation for your chessie’s care. To ensure your chessie will be cared for and rehomed to a loving family should something unexpected happen to you, it is critical to plan ahead.

Welcome the Prineville Five – Khaki, Duel, Tap, Cord, Tikki & Chickens

Khaki Prineville Duel Prineville Tap Prineville Cord Prineville Tikki Prineville  

Donate to the Miche Carr Fund to support the Prineville 5



  • Bizhickey1971 says:

    Thank you all for your incredible efforts! I’ve inquired already bit if there is any way at at your transport one of Nita’s Chessie babies to me in MA, I would LOVE to adopt and bring a new Chessie into the family fold. Application has been updated and hoping to hear reply from someone soon- even if just who exactly I should contact about adopting one of Nit’s five. Thank you all again!!!

  • kavankv290 says:

    I would love to adopt one of these incredible dogs. I have just applied