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Red’s Big Transport

By April 29, 2022No Comments

Red’s Big Transport!!

Red was in a California foster home for a really long time. Finally Red’s big day, his opportunity to go to Montana.

With the help of Pilots n Paws we were able to transport Red from southern California to his new foster home in Montana. As luck would have it, Red’s foster is also an amazing dog trainer, Red will get to spend his days running the open fields and learning a new skill.

Special thanks to all the volunteers who made this happen for Red:
Ken – Red’s California foster
Cathleen Grooman – Southwest
Jerome Cain – Pilot n Paws Coordinator
Paul Shank – Pilot
Steve Durrett – Pilot
Ray and Lisa Bernardez – on the ground support
Butch Tewell – Montana foster & trainer
Lisa Marie King – donated the crate for flight

It takes so many people and so many hours to safely transport our precious cargo.  Take a look…

This team would not give up on Red.
Then up, up and away… to Montana

We could not do this without each and everyone of you!! Thank you Team-Red!! This is one amazing rescue.

Got a plane?
Are you a pilot?
Know a pilot?
Want to help?
Reach out to Paul at [email protected] if you are interested in joining our team.