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Ride On Jake
By Donna Frye

Vikings were believed to leave one behind to tell the story.  Here’s my story.

This story, a glimpse really, begins at a time I didn’t know the rescue named Jake but ends when I knew him well.  I met Jake at the end of his journey, but in that short time, he lived a lifetime with me and forever will be etched in memory for his courage, strength, joy and companionship.

To look at Jake you’d see more than a handsome old man with a wise, but soft heart.  You’d see joy when he ran freely, racing across a field on his battle worn legs.  There were times you might have seen him working up the lecture he’d give the young ones stepping out of line.  On a few days, he’d go on and on until they “settled down some”.  If you were there at the right moment, you may catch a glance of him resting peacefully beside his friend and companion Bridget, never leaving her side.  Every evening, a person might look in and see a beautiful, handsome, strong, beast laying his head on his mother’s knee while she scratched his soft face and ears.   The person may think the woman is the one giving the love.  She knew though.  It was him.  This tough, strong creature would gently lay his head down against his mother’s knee so she could feel his love and she did, tenfold.  Most often, you’d witness one beautiful beast walking side by side with another.  Jake and Bridget.  In tandem wherever the journey led.

My story brings tears, smiles and laughter when I talk about the memories this handsome dog has awarded me and I’m so blessed to have had him even for a small moment.  I will always see him in my mirror, head out the truck window, ears flying in the wind.  That peaceful joy on his face as he hears “Low Rider” in his head.  Thank you, my handsome man Jake for sharing your life with me.  Ride on my beautiful boy. You are a legend.  Ride on.

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