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Chessie in Need

Senior Tchai Has Been Adopted!

By June 21, 2019July 12th, 2019No Comments

Update: Tchai has been adopted!!
Tchaikovsky (nickname Tchai, like the tea) is a very affectionate boy who wants nothing more than to love you. He loves to swim and play in the water. He is a very active 10 year old. Tchai was trained for duck hunting but he enjoys retrieving bumpers now a days. You will quit throwing bumpers before he is done retrieving. He does not like to go on long runs with his human because his left shoulder bothers him. Swimming is his low impact exercise. He does good with kids and other people. He is ok with other dogs but not alpha dogs. He has only met one cat so the jury is still out on if he likes them. Tchai’s currently owner will be deployed soon so we are hoping to help facilitate finding Tchai a new home before he has to leave.

Tchai is located in Los Angeles, CA. Please call/text DAVE at +1 (714) 448-7316 or email us at [email protected]