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Fundraising Updates

Treat Me Right Fundraiser

By July 25, 2019July 29th, 2019No Comments
treat me right abby mason
Treat Me Right helps raise money for dogs in need!
From August 2-13, 2019, CBRR&R is working with Treat Me Right to raise money for rescue!
All of their treats are made from human-grade, high protein, low fat, all natural and/or organic USA sourced ingredients. Their frosting is sugar-free, fat-free, all natural yogurt (reduced to powder form) and is colored with natural food coloring with no artificial ingredients. ​
Their products donate between 20 and 33.5% of the item’s revenue which is extremely high for a for-profit business. They give the full dollar amount of the donation for each item. They do not deduct any percentage of our costs or expenses from the amount being donated to the selected organizations.To read more about how their donation program works, click here.
You can feel great about giving your special dog their extraordinary treats.
No dog of your own? No problem! Think gift giving or choose to donate treatsto the dogs in care of our animal welfare partners to enjoy while they wait for their forever homes!
To order, visit their online store!
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