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Memorial Story

We loved you Ruby Red Girl

By December 17, 2021No Comments

By Sylvia Browne

On October 5th 2021 we had to say a sad goodbye to our Ruby.

She came to us as a rescue who was not behaving in her foster home – chasing the foster’s cat and picking on her dog. Somehow, we were meant to have her. We had just lost our male Chessie three months before.

Ruby had some issues from her original owners and in time adjusted beautifully to us. We especially enjoyed her metamorphosis into the princess she had become and her beautiful amber colored eyes. We miss her early morning roo-ing, the snuggling down on the couch after dinner and her taking one of my shoes to sleep with.

She was such a sweet natured and beautiful girl, tolerating the male fosters with grace and power and quickly realized that the cat’s dinner meant a bite for her too.

We only had 2 ½ years with her when she came down with IMHA. She most likely also had a cancer that kicked it off.

Love your Chessies while you can.

Bill & Sylvia Browne

Our first meeting – Early January 2019

My husband Joe and I drove out through the farmlands of eastern Washington to meet Miss Red Girl. Although her and her Anatolian sister had always been friends, they were not getting along now that they were both young ladies. She needed us to find her a new happy home.

We had a good long play with Miss Red Girl, she was fun and a total sweetheart who liked to smile.

Red Girl was the one Joe always talked about, the best girl ever.

We took a lot of pictures of her, and her original owner gave us some too.

Rest in peace Miss Ruby Red Girl, you were a good girl.

Liz & Joe Krizenesky