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Goose gets the Gift of Life

By September 29, 2023No Comments

CBRR&R gives Goose the gift of Life.

by Dianna Haley

Goose is a six month old, adorable, loving typical chessie boy. Full of life!

He was found by a lady out on her evening walk. He followed her home. She took in this sweet boy but quickly realized he wasn’t healthy. He was having uncontrolled bladder and bowel issues. She contacted the rescue, asking for help.

We offered to take Goose in to rescue and get him the help he needed.

At his first vet visit, it was determined he had a possible genetic illness. The vet felt no treatment or support could be provided to Goose. She deemed him unadoptable and wanted permission to euthanize him.

We wanted to give him every opportunity for a good life before making a rushed decision. We chose to seek additional opinions. After a few days with a good diet, his bowel issues were corrected.

Since Goose was in an area with minimal veterinarian resources, we moved him to a place where we could seek specialized care.

His new foster family quickly fell in love and was dedicated to getting him all the care he needed and an answer to his incontinence.

After further investigation, it was determined Goose didn’t have a bladder issue. He was born with only one functioning kidney. The new vet felt by removing the nonfunctioning kidney, he would no longer have his incontinence problems.




Goose’s kidney removal surgery was a great success, his doctor says he is healthy as a little horse… and is a giant handful.

Goose today…