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HW+ & Injured Rowan needs our help ❤️

By March 11, 2019June 21st, 2019No Comments

Rowan is a year old purebred boy who has had a rough start finding himself on a euthanasia list in Texas and heartworm positive.
CBRR&R Northwest & South Central Regions collaborated to get him safely moved to a foster home in Idaho to help him through heartworm recovery!
The day before Rowan hopped on transport north, he was attacked by another dog in the shelter, was upside down screaming and came away with a limp & torn ear. We have since learned Rowan has a torn ACL and will now need TPLO surgery.
In addition, he ate the top off a brand new indestructible Kong & had to have emergency surgery to remove a piece that would not pass.
These combined treatments will total approximately $5,000.
Please consider making a donation to the CBRR&R General Fund to help Rowan get the surgery and treatment he needs!
Proceeds in excess of Rowans expenses will go to other CBRR&R dogs in need.

Click here to donate to the CBRR&R General Fund!