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Liberty My Girl from Heaven

By January 9, 2020No Comments
Liberty's Sweet Face
We are saddened to say our sweet Liberty has crossed the rainbow bridge
From Liberty’s Mama:
I met 24 karat gold for the first time in 1984.  Or so I thought. I was 19, fresh off the turnip wagon.  Country bumpkin.
But it was November  10, 2018, when I found authentic 24 karat Gold. She came bounding out of nowhere, running pell-mell in the dark, smoke filled night.  She barreled right into the backseat of a red Subaru.  Raring to get the hell outta wherever she had been.   Where had she been?
I was handed a bag.  At least, I thought it was a bag. Like a hobo bag.  I hopped in the drivers seat.  The car was bouncing around.  As I backed out of the driveway, I took a left and drove, with Heaven in the backseat.
I had to pull off onto the soft shoulder in order to get some sort of direction from the GPS.  In the rear view mirror, was a curly headed bundle of golden, champagne…..TWENTY FOUR KARAT gold champagne.  I knew I had hit the jackpot, and we weren’t even within the Vegas city limits.  I thank God for that night…..I thank God for Liberty.
We say, here in America, “with Liberty. And Justice. For All.”  For All.  But, where was the Justice for Liberty?  Liberty was fizzy and overflowing with bounces and curls and, I swear, laughter.  I had heard she was deaf, but she heard everything with her heart. She had the best hearing of anyone I had ever met. I traveled to the other side of the world, lived in a country with 56 different dialects of the same language, with the largest population within one country on Earth.  And I know, with Liberty by my side, she would have heard each intonation, and she would have translated each dialect, into one … and when she looked into my eyes, with her eyes of gold, (like a lioness), the world stood still in silence, and I could see Heaven on Earth.  I could feel Heaven… hear Heaven…..  and Heaven was heard by Liberty.     Heaven was felt by Liberty.
Heaven was translated by Liberty.
Now, Heaven is transformed with Liberty’s presence.  She is playing her favorite game.  Ball.  The bouncing ball … across the floor…..against the wall…..down the hallway….with Liberty bounding after it.  She always returned, with her ball hidden in her mouth.  And I would wonder where it was.  Then, with laughter, she would drop it at my feet, and stare at it.  As if willing it to start bouncing away.  So she could play again.  And again. And again.
Liberty was magical.  She could make that ball bounce. She made the world right.  While it was spinning around on its’ axis. There was no gravity with Liberty.  She floated everywhere, while scuffing her back paws … like slippers … she padded along … she followed me everywhere.
My heart follows her.  Liberty is in Heaven.  Heaven hit the jackpot now.  I am broken.  I hope, and pray, Liberty has her Justice.
Liberty  Liberty Freedom Ride  Liberty