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Max – This Chessie Does It All!

By December 27, 2019No Comments
Max CBRRR 3257 Crabbing

Max came to live with our family of four in Warren, Oregon in October 2018 from Great Falls, Montana. Thank you Melissa!

Max is the Chessie that can do it all.  We have learned in the last year that we found an outstanding athletic dog who is up for anything adventurous.

It was not all perfect in the beginning though.  We experienced a few incidents of attacking and biting two unknown (to him) dogs in his early stay with us.  It so stressed my wife, she wrote a draft letter to the CBRR&R rescue ready to surrender him back to foster care.  However, we talked through it and promised to commit Max to some intensive training.  We worked hard with him over the Winter and Spring months of 2019 and he has come such a long way.  So much so, we felt comfortable canceling a three week boarding program he was on a wait list for three months for.  Since then, our commitment to him and his willingness to learn and be trained has helped him become great friends with one of the dogs he attacked; Grandpa and Grandma’s dog, Buddy.

Max is excellent with people and loves his best friend, the house cat Oliver.  They enjoy each other’s company so much they sleep in the dog crate together by choice!   Max enjoys morning runs, camping, kayaking, trips in the car, swimming, crabbing, gardening, patrolling our farm, racing around the chicken house trying to create some chaos for the hens, and as Grandpa likes to say has his “licker” license.  This dog loves to kiss!

Did I mention Max is athletic?  To give you an idea of how strong Max is, he swam about 2 miles up a slow paced river this past summer while we kayaked during vacation without a break. He’s one tough Chessie.

Max is still learning to be on his best behavior at all times, but with his willingness to be teachable he has found a home where he can have fun and be loved forever.

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