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Chessie in Need

Midwest Dogs in Need

By February 23, 2021March 13th, 2021No Comments

Midwest Dogs Need Some Extra Special Luck this Month…

By Jackie Patterson

As March is the month of luck, Chesapeake Bay Retriever Relief and Rescue has some very deserving Chessies (and a Chessie mix) in the Midwest that need some extra special luck, love and attention.  Everyone knows that you don’t have to be Irish to celebrate during the month devoted to St. Patrick and the luck of the Irish, so let’s make these Midwest Chessies LUCKY!  There can be a variety of  reasons that our Chessies  sometimes need special help – they may be shelter or homeless pet cases, victims of hoarding situations and sometimes unexpected life changes put pets in a position of needing to be rehomed through no fault of their own.  Whatever the reason an animal has come into rescue and no matter how long they have been there, they all deserve to find a loving family.   LUCKILY, CBRR&R knows that there are foster and foster to adopt families out there willing to take on a senior Chessie or one that has medical issues or one needing a strong Chessie-savvy person to give love to a deserving rescue.  Won’t you consider during this month of LUCK to volunteer to become a foster or adopter to help out our Midwest rescues?  Your loving donations are also of immeasurable help to us in making our rescues more adoptable. 

Here is an example of  a couple of our Midwest rescues needing your attention:

Jack is a 4 year old male Chessie.  We don’t really know why Jack’s original owner gave him up, but we do know that he doesn’t have a mean bone in his body.  He is in need of basic obedience training, but the good news is he does come when called! We think he may be house broken as he has never left a mess in his kennel.  And, “luckily”, he loves to give kisses!  Won’t you consider Jack for your foster or foster to adopt? 

Here’s Bruiser, an 11 year old male who seems to have gotten lost in the shuffle of finding a loving home.  No senior Chessie should ever have to miss the opportunity of being part of a loving home.  He is such a handsome old boy and, with LUCK, he could be yours

Please check our website for more information on these Midwest Chessies – and please consider signing up to foster, adopt or donate toward their continuing care during this “LUCKY” month! 

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