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Prineville 5 Update

By February 17, 2021No Comments

By Jackie Patterson

Prineville 5 – One year Anniversary

It was a year ago this month that CBRR& was contacted to help in a rescue of 5 Chessies (as well as 5 other dogs, 4 cats and some chickens) from the home of Nita Schaeffer, owner and well-known breeder of CBRs. Nita was in hospice and subsequently passed away when one of our volunteers assured her that all her beloved animals were being rescued and would be safe and loved in good family homes.  Nita would certainly be smiling if she could see the wonderful loving homes in which her beloved Chessies are living.

Of the five rescued Chessies, 3 were female and two were male.  They were evaluated and transported directly to foster and foster to adopt homes on February 16, 2020.  Here is a bit of an update from their families.

Tikki (Qualridge’s Led Leathern Antik Lace) went to live with Dan and Rhonda where she loves her walks and trips in the car.  Since their daughter and her two dogs moved in Tikki is learning how to retrieve and is having loads of fun thanks to them!
Khaki (Wildwood’s Khaki Work Pants at B-Ver) lives with Randi and Sam and Hailey.  Khaki also has a sister Chessie named Bella. Randi reports that Khaki is doing great and loving life. The girls love having her and she is very young at heart! Khaki will be going to the vet for her one-year checkup soon and expecting a good report.

Tap (Wildwood’s Sweetwater Tapestry B-Ver) has been living with Steve and Sarah and their two Chessies, Mack and Maeve.  Mack was bred by Nita and is a sibling to Duel!  Sarah reports that Tap is her constant sidekick. She has adjusted well to the pack, although the ladies still challenge each other at times. She loves daily walks, napping by the fireplace, and being mischievous when no one is looking! While pictured her in the water, while Tap has been swimming several times, she is more of a wading lady than a swimmer!
Duel (B-Ver’s Desert Duel) was transported on rescue day by Scott to become his mother, Joan’s, foster to adopt.  Duel gets to enjoy the company of Scott’s rescue Chessie, Sadie.  Joan says that Duel is feeling his oats these days but seems to be going through another adjustment of finding his way in the pack. He moves his toys around to different stuff and does everything Sadie does and sleeps in different places. Joan is busily reading dog books to get a handle on him but reports that Duel is still a happy and loving boy who runs to mama for security!

Cord (B-Ver’s Embossed Cordova) Last but not least is Cord (B-Ver’s Embossed Cordovan), who sadly passed peacefully away in his sleep after goodnight kisses from Bill and Sylvia.  You can read more about Cord’s loving home here Our Rambling Boy

Cord Prineville 5