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Otis’s cross country journey to love

By June 25, 2020June 29th, 2020No Comments

It takes a village, it takes a team, it takes a group of dedicated rescuers across regions and across the country to give this chessie another chance.

That’s what happened for young Chesapeake, PA Otis, who had been kenneled for more than a month after being surrendered. A challenging dog with a bite history, no Mid-Atlantic foster with enough experience was available for Otis. Not willing to give up on him, Mid-Atlantic Iris, Pam, Bruce, and Janelle began reaching out to other CBRR&R regions for help. Enter Northwest rescuers Lisa, Melissa, Liz, and Kellie. They had a place for Otis! But how in the world to get him there, especially in the midst of Covid-19 limitations?

Iris & Lisa kept us all on the edge of our seats as they navigated through limited, changing airline schedules and cargo crate requirements. Flight reservations were made, only to be cancel, due to a late crate delivery and poor weather conditions.

Finally, all ducks in a row, including two vet visits for expiring 10 day health certificates, Iris retrieved Otis from the kennel, packs his cowboy boots and hat, and does the early morning trip to the Pittsburgh Airport to get Otis on his flight. Almost as soon as they walk in the door, the airline cargo rep declares, “We can’t fly that dog. He’s too big for that crate!” – crate being the largest one that the airline permits!

Our dear Iris had no choice but to take Otis home to become an “illegal” house guest due to neighborhood limits of dog numbers. The very next day Iris and the entire family pack Otis and their two other dogs up and head to VA for a week of family visits and vacation. All plans are now in limbo and things are looking rather hopeless.

All hope is vanishing when Lisa of the Northwest region discovers our “Delta Air Angel” Heather, an airline attendant who can transport dogs in the cabin with her on her days off! A new flight arrangement is made!


Otis takes flight

After a 7 hour drive home from vacation and very little sleep, Iris, Tim and Otis head out early the next morning to meet Heather. Otis’s journey home to finally to begin. Heather and Otis hit it off and become fast friends while waiting for their flight. Otis was particularly interested in snuggling with Heather and the birds flying free in the airport. Heather in her seat, Otis sleeping safely below they make their way from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, a short lay over in Detroit, then onto Seattle Washington while all our volunteers across multiple states and an anxious new foster family hang on for every one of Heather’s updates.

Touch down, Seattle.

Otis arrives says goodbye for now to Heather 
Since Otis’s arrival he working on supervising the BBQ, chilling, learning about Zoom calls and meeting the neighbors.
Otis is also very interested in making friends with his new kitty sister, she’s still considering her options.
This week Otis learned about deep sea fishing… and reports that he is loving life!

Such an amazing journey for all involved. So many feelings of relief and great gratitude to everyone who helped Otis get to his new Northwest home.