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Our mission to help Chessies and Moab

By April 25, 2023No Comments

Our mission to help Chessies and Moab.

We were contacted by a Shelter letting us know there was a Chessie to be euthanized in a few hours. Dianna in Texas, South Central Regional Director, explained we were closed to intake but found a family willing to take Moab as their own.

Because Moab was sick with Kennel Cough, he had to be tagged by a rescue. After a lengthy discussion with the shelter, Dianna was able to secure Moab’s release to Hayden and Miranda.

Soon after, Moab took a turn for the worse and was rushed to the Emergency Veterinarian Hospital and was diagnosed with pneumonia. Estimated cost for treatment $2,500 to $8,800. His new family needed help.

The Board unanimously agreed to fundraise and cover costs for Moab under our “Relief Mission”.

Moab’s hospital stay $4,510.06

Miranda, Hayden and Moab, thank you all!