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Rian in need of Surgery

By January 26, 2020No Comments
Rian NorthCentral

Hi guys! It’s me Rian just checking in to let everyone know I’m in a happy place now.

I’m having so much fun in the snow and just be a dog it’s great. I was given up because of some health issues I had. My biggest problem was having recurring UTIs.

My foster mom brought me to the vet again to see what was causing the issue and turns out I need to have surgery on my vulva to get rid of some excess skin. The surgery is estimated to be between $700-1100 and the rescue could use some help from donations to cover the cost.

I also would greatly appreciate it as these darn UTIs are no fun at all! I hate feeling like I have to go potty all the darn time.

Located near Omaha Nebraska.