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Ruger, A Success Story

By July 17, 2020July 29th, 2020No Comments

By Malcolm & Nancy

Ruger came to his forever home with us in Northern California a year ago.  Not a normal route, but perhaps there is no such thing as normal for a rescue.

As a puppy, Ruger started out a happy existence in Texas.  But through bad luck, circumstances and combination of exuberance and obstinance (sound like a chessie?) he ended up on the wrong side of the law.  Not a good place in Texas. Perhaps folks meant well, but it was a rough time for Ruger.  Thankfully, CBRR&R came to his rescue and he was flown to a welcoming foster home in Idaho.

Our son and his fiancé both grew up around Chesapeake’s and longed to open their hearts and their new home in Seattle to a rescue.  Ruger seemed like a good match and they picked him up May 2019. Things were joyous, for a while. Ruger never lost his exuberance or obstinance. And while he doesn’t have a mean bone in his body he had developed a heightened aversion to strangers and a fierce need to protect his family and their fence line.

A couple months in and Ruger proved to be too much too handle, pushing boundaries, alienating neighbors. With burgeoning careers, the kids weren’t home enough to give Ruger the time and discipline he sorely needed.  When they made the impossibly difficult decision, they would not be able to keep Ruger and were ready to contact CBRRR, we didn’t hesitate. (Well, maybe just a little). My husband and I have had chessies for 30 years and currently have a male and female litter mates. They were two years old at the time.  But Ruger tugged on our heart strings.  We bonded immediately and we knew we could give him the time and attention he needed. Keeping him in the family just made sense.  Working with CBRR&R a transfer agreement was reached and we welcomed Ruger to our pack.

It has not been without challenges and I suspect Ruger will always try to push boundaries.  Exuberance and obstinance?  Still there.  But Ruger today is a different dog than he was a year ago, calmer, gentler.  He is curious, goofy and a big time cuddler.  He gets along well with his siblings, watching the three pups interact brings us endless joy.

Wouldn’t change a thing.